How do I apply for a position at Dashiell or Dacon? 

  • Click on the job openings link under the job opportunities section and either submit your resume or complete an online application.
  • If you are applying for a Dacon Union position, please contact the Local 66 at 713-943-0716.

Will I get a response when I apply?

  • We will review your resume/application when submitted, should your qualifications meet our needs, we will call you via the contact information you provide.  Make sure your phone number and/or email address is provided.

May I apply for more than one job?

  • Yes, you may apply for as many positions as you qualify for.

Where are your job locations?

  • We have several offices around the United States, select the job board section to see what jobs are available and where they are located.
  • Current office locations can be found on the home page

How often are job opportunities posted?

  • As positions become available, we will immediately post them on the Dashiell website, check back frequently for any updates.

Should I follow up on my application?

  • You can always check the status of your application by emailing [email protected], however we will contact you should your qualifications fit our opportunities.
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