Safety Is A Core Value

Safety is a core value. Our company goal is to end each day without injury, without damage to equipment, without damage to property or without damage to the environment. Our safety performance is exceptional, with OSHA recordables well below the national average for the services we provide.

Our Safety culture provides a work environment where it is possible to reach the lofty goal of “ZERO” accidents. Safety is an ongoing process that begins the first day of employment and continues throughout each employee’s career.

Providing a safe environment and working safely in this environment is a priority. Project personnel plan each project with safety in mind and incorporate our client’s safety requirements into our own to assure customer satisfaction.

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We are thinking about safety differently.

We are in the people business and we know that people are fallible. We will always do our best to prevent incidents, but we realize that mistakes will happen. When mistakes happen, the question becomes, “Do we have the capacity to absorb failure without causing harm?”. To be ready, we will plan and execute work assuming that failure will happen at any moment. We will learn from each job, each mistake, and each success to continue getting better. Safety is not merely the absence of injuries; it is the presence of capacity. Safety is not just a policy – safety is the core of who we are and at the forefront of our focus.
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