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Construction Division

DACON, the construction business unit of Dashiell, specializes in the construction of high and medium-voltage electrical infrastructure

DACON has completed hundreds of greenfield substation and substation modification projects up to 500 kV from site preparation through energization. In addition to highly specialized high voltage construction experience, our personnel have unique capabilities with regards to control cable installations, equipment testing, bus and power cable installation. We are unique in the diversity of our expertise gained through our engagements with the vast array of clients in the electric utility, power generation, petrochemical, industrial and renewable energy industries.

Substation Services:

  • Substation Rebuilds and Upgrades
  • Transformer Retrofit and Retrofill Services
  • Bus Installation, Welding, Bending and Repair Service
  • HV and MV Cable Installation
  • HV and MV Cable Terminations and Splices
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Substation Construction through 500 kV
  • Foundations/Site Work/Fencing
  • Equipment Selection/Specification
  • Battery Bank Installations and Upgrades
  • HV Bushing Replacements
  • Transformer Installation and Maintenance
  • Above/Below Grade Raceway and Grounding
  • Generator Connections
  • SCADA Installations
  • AIS/GIS Substation Construction
  • Concrete and Drill Pier Foundations
  • Switchgear Maintenance, Replacement, and Resting
  • Material and Equipment Procurement
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Apparatus Installation,
  • Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning
  • Emergency Storm Restoration

We are available 24/7 for your power system service requirements. 24-Hour Emergency phone number: 713 935-7360

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